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Wise Guides 6 Tips To Plan The Perfect Road Trip To Jackson Hole

Pack the car, it’s road trip time! With summer on the horizon, now is the perfect time to hit the road for an adventure to the mountains & valleys of the Jackson Hole area. Whether solo or with the family, a road trip to Jackson Hole is an ideal way to see our beautiful country and discover new places along the way. We put together a few tips on making the most of a little getaway during this time, which may just spark some inspiration and give you a nice breath of fresh, mountain air!

6 Tips To Plan The Perfect Road Trip To Jackson Hole

Plan Your Stops

Be sure to plan your stops accordingly, and don’t push it when you’re tired. We’d recommend sticking to 8 hours or less each day, especially if you have kids – they can get restless (who are we kidding, adults too). Try to get a little stretching in, a quick walk or even a few jumping jacks when you do stop, to get the blood circulating and prepped for the next haul.

Get The Car Ready

Tune up time! Make sure the car is in tip top shape before hitting the road. Fuel up the day prior so you won’t need to pull off right when you get going. Stock the car with your bags, cooler (see below) and don’t forget your chargers! We also recommend packing a basket with some essentials like paper towels, paper plates, baby wipes and a first aid kit just in case. It’s also a good idea to have a jumper box and/or cables, and a few handy tools for unexpected stops.

Pack Your Gear

Make sure you have everything you need for a Jackson Hole adventure, including everything from layers of clothing, hiking shoes and bathing suits to laptops, headphones and extra charging cables. Since you’re bringing the car, you can usually fit more than an airplane suitcase, so be sure bring extra changes of clothing and a few pairs of various footwear for different activities. You may also pack extra bags or backpacks, rain gear and more. If you have kids, don’t forget some toys, paper, crayons and markers, for them to play with in the car or your guest room.

Fill Up The Cooler

Stay hydrated and fueled up so you can focus on the road! Packing a cooler with healthy snacks is a great way to ensure you’re not making fast food pit stops, and cuts down on time spent in the drive thru. Try pre-making sandwiches and keeping easily handled bites like nuts, jerky, string cheese and cut veggies at the ready. We’d also recommend to bring a few extra jugs of water (or even a Brita).

Need To Work? Do It From MM

Once you check into your room or suite at Mountain Modern, create a little station for your work gear. With ample space, you can spread out and tackle the day’s tasks before heading out and exploring. Need to take a call? Throw on the headphones and take a little stroll for some fresh air. Our rooms and newly added suites are spacious and our wifi is strong, offering everyone the ability to get done what they need!

Make Time To See The Sights!

Plan some time each day to get out and explore Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, the Snake River and many more sights just a quick drive from your “home” base. Yellowstone National Park is an easy day trip and includes some bucket list sights to see. Our Wise Guides are ripe with itineraries & ideas to help you plan the perfect outing, plus the following blogs:

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