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Whitewater Rafting & Scenic Floats

We have the best whitewater rafting around – just sayin’. We’re talking Multiple Class III rapids throughout the Snake River Canyon, just south of Jackson Hole. The Snake River offers fun rapid that everyone can get in on, with calm sections following each adrenaline rush.

For those who want to get out on the water in a more calming manner, scenic floats on the Snake River offer a different perspective to wildlife watching with a stunning backdrop. Float your way down the river and enjoy serene surroundings while your guide points out wildlife and iconic spots.

But don’t take our word for it. Get out there and experience it for yourself with one of these outfitters.

Dave Hansen Whitewater & Scenic River Trips

We partner with Dave Hansen Whitewater and are happy to get you booked and on the river while you're here with us.

For over 50 years, Dave Hansen River Trips has been providing exciting whitewater and scenic river trips for kids from 6-96 (true story!). Whether you’re confident in a raft or a little nervous, they have rafting trips for all ages and experience levels on the Snake River in Jackson Hole. With over 27 trips daily, 7 time options, and 5 types of trips, you are sure to find the perfect adventure!

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Sands Whitewater & Scenic River Trips

With over 50 years of Snake River experience in Jackson Hole, they know that it all begins with our hard-working raft guides. They have floated, surfed and paddled the Snake River hundreds of times, which gives them a deep knowledge of every turn, rapid, and current. Of course, their boatmen aren’t the only ones with Snake River whitewater experience. Their entire staff is prepared to make sure your Snake River trip is safe and exhilarating. Whether this is your first time or your hundredth time on the river, they’ll give you a ride that you won’t forget!

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Jackson Hole Whitewater

Jackson Hole Whitewater and its entire crew are looking forward to meeting you this summer. Jackson Hole Whitewater is a small family-run operation dedicated to ensuring you the best of the best in service and safety. They offer Whitewater and Jackson Hole Scenic Float Trips beginning the first of May through October.

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Mad River Boat Trips

Mad River Boat Trips offers daily whitewater trips on three types of rafts. All Mad River whitewater rafting experiences are You-Paddle trips and are accompanied by professional, experienced, highly-trained river guides.

You can even join us for dinner on the river when you select our famous Cast Iron Riverside Dinner trip – prepared and served at our own riverside dining site, overlooking the two largest rapids on the river.

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Barker-Ewing Whitewater

Whitewater rafting in Jackson Hole is the coolest thing you’ll do all summer! Whitewater raft down the Snake River Canyon and have the time of your life! Rapids such as Big Kahuna, Lunch Counter and Ropes are sure to give you a bumpy and wet ride but have you smiling the whole time.

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