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Yellowstone National Park – What to See & Do!

In just a few short weeks, Yellowstone National Park is going to ‘spring’ to life! Spring brings a beauty to the park that only happens once a year, and you and your family won’t want to miss this special season. Some roads aren’t yet open to the public, but you can start planning your trip. No matter which direction you enter the Park, there are amazing things to see and do.


Enter from the west, drive 30 miles east and then head south, and you’ll come to the most famous feature in the Park, Old Faithful. And if you just can’t wait until the roads are open, you can watch this amazing natural feature on the webcam.


Come in from the north entrance at the Montana/Wyoming border and drive just 5 miles to explore Mammoth Hot Springs and Terraces. This area is one of the most dynamic places in the park and is constantly changing. The hot springs and limestone interact to make beautiful multicolored terraces.


If you stay in Cody or Wapiti, you can enter the Park from the east. This will bring you to some of the best fishing and boating in the Park. Yellowstone Lake has 100 miles of shoreline and scenic tours and guided fishing tours will provide you with the best experience of this beautiful area.


Just 45 minutes after entering the Park from the south, you’ll be at West Thumb Geyser Basin. This is a two mile area along lake Yellowstone that is the largest geyser basin in the Park. It includes different sizes and shapes of geysers, including the stunning color of the Abyss Pool known for its “ultramarine hue”.

Visitors Center and Information Stations

The best way to get the most out your visit to Yellowstone, is to visit one of the many Visitors Centers and information stations within the Park. General Park information, permits, and passes are available as well historical and dynamic exhibits, plus Old Faithful eruption predictions. Check for hours and seasons for each of the locations.

So map out your next visit to Yellowstone National Park. There’s so much to see and do!