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3 Reasons You Should Take Advantage Of Early Winter Season In Jackson Hole

It may still be “fall”, but the transition to winter is well underway! All of us Jackson locals are looking forward for December to arrive. Want to get in on the action? Here are three reasons why YOU should ski Jackson Hole during the early season (we’re looking at you, Golden Ticket)!

The Golden Ticket: 50% Off Lift Tickets (& Killer Room Rates!)

In past years, the Golden Ticket has been offered by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort solely during the month of January. This year, the Golden Ticket promo will run 3 TIMES: November 24 – December 20, 2023, January 6 – 24, 2024 and March 18 – April 14, 2024! Simply show your season pass from ANY ski resort in the world and you will be eligible for 50% off daily lift tickets and rentals!

Across the valley, lodging rates are significantly cheaper in December (before Christmas) than the rest of the winter, and MMM is no different. Book your stay with us and save! Check out our new suites that sleep up to 8 guests. You can split the cost and truly enjoy an economical trip to ski infamous Jackson Hole!

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Ski Uphill at Snow King

Over the last couple of years, alpine touring has exploded across the ski world. Snow King Mountain Resort, or “The Town Hill” , allows uphill traffic for a very minimal fee. Located just a few blocks from MMM, skinning up Snow King is a great way to earn your turns, get some exercise, and experience Wyoming’s first ski hill in the most genuine way. PS – every year, Stio runs an “Uphill Challenge” every year for locals and visitors alike. See how your time holds up versus the locals and get involved in this great community initiative.

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Early Tracks = Potential For Some Of The Best Ski Runs Of Your Life

No, we cannot guarantee that all the terrain will be open in December…that’s up to Mother Nature. BUT, what we can say is that December has the potential of delivering some of the best ski experiences you can imagine. Lift lines are a fraction of what they would be during peak season, and that results in more powder and fresh corduroy for you. If you are willing to roll the dice a little bit, December can produce conditions that have been notoriously remembered and discussed by visitors and locals alike.

What are you most looking forward to this early season? We can’t wait to hear!