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Where to See Wildlife in Jackson Hole: Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris

If you’re looking for a good spot to see wildlife in Jackson Hole, Moose-Wilson Road, Cache Creek, and the National Elk Refuge are great spots for animal-watching, and are within a short driving distance from Downtown Jackson. However, if you really want to get up close and personal with some of Jackson Hole’s hidden wildlife, you should set up a guided tour with Jackson Hole wildlife safaris!


Where Can I See Wildlife in Jackson Hole?

With over 61 different types of mammals, 300 types of birds, and thousands of different plant species, Jackson Hole is one of the best places in the country to catch a glimpse of nature. Some of the top places for wildlife viewing are:

Moose-Wilson Road

An 8 mile scenic drive, Moose-Wilson Road is an easy way to get acquainted with the wildlife in Jackson Hole without leaving your car. This road treks from Teton Village towards the town of Moose, Wyoming and makes its way through a thick beaver pond area which is a favorite spot for moose in the summer and fall.

Best time to see moose: April – October

Animals you can view here: beavers, blue herons, blue jays, and moose.

National Elk Refuge

Home to a wide range of animals, the National Elk Refuge is a 24,700 acre park that provides wintering grounds for a herd of about 7,000 elk in the winter. This refuge is the perfect spot to view the elk but you’ll also see many of Jackson’s other wildlife residents here.

Best time to see the elk herd: October – December

Animals you can view here: elk, bison, trumpeter swans, bighorn sheep, and wolves.

Cache Creek

Cache Creek is a 1.9 mile hiking trail that winds along a river just outside Downtown Jackson Hole. As one of the easiest wildlife viewing spots to access, Cache Creek sports some great views and is dog friendly (just be sure to keep your furry friends on leash!)

Animals you can view here: moose, bear, deer, mountain lion, and birds.


Should You Book a Guided Wildlife Tour?

While Jackson Hole has a variety of wildlife right here in the valley, we suggest booking a wildlife tour with one of our local Jackson Hole wildlife safari guides. Our local safari guides know this territory better than anyone else and are able to find some of the more elusive wildlife without disturbing their natural habitat and behavior.

Some of the most top-rated Jackson Hole wildlife safari guides are:

Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris

Rated 4.6 on Google

Offering summer, winter, and multi-day packages for all ages.

Backcountry Safaris

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Offering local sunrise and sunset tours, as well as Yellowstone and Grand Teton tours.

Jackson Hole Eco Tour

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Offering custom tours as well as summer and winter packages.


Where’s the Best Place to Set Up Your Jackson Hole Basecamp?

Our boutique motel puts you smack dab in the heart of Jackson and close to everything this glorious area has to offer. Here you’re just 2 blocks from the infamous Town Square, 5 blocks from Snow King Mountain, 10 miles from Grand Teton National Park, 12 miles from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and 55 miles from the south entrance to Yellowstone. Click here to see our available rooms!