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Top Summer Activities in Grand Teton National Park

As you make your way towards the town of Jackson Hole, your trip will give you a breath-taking view of one of the most famous mountain ranges in our state: the Grand Tetons! Your plan may include some scenic drives and wildlife viewing, but there are plenty of other summer activities waiting for you in Grand Teton National Park. From calm and serene canoe paddling to once-in-a-lifetime rock climbing views, here are a few adventures to choose from.


There are over 200 miles of trails in Grand Teton National Park. The unique aspect of hiking in the Tetons is that you can choose from trails that cover flat terrain or trails that seem to go straight up! The Park provides a hiking guide of each trail (including round trip miles), time to complete, and the challenge level. Safety is important while hiking so be sure to check out the Park’s safety page before heading out!

Horseback Riding

You’ve arrived in the West so you won’t want to miss this true wild west experience! Settle in for a 1 or 2-hour trail ride in Grand Teton National Park’s backcountry. Led by experienced wranglers who will share their knowledge of the area, this is a great way to experience Wyoming and the backcountry areas (it’s a great family activity for kids 8 and up). Breathe in that fresh mountain air and let your cares fade away.  

Canoeing and Kayaking

Picture yourself gently gliding through the water in a sturdy canoe or streamlined kayak – there’s just something special about the solitude of being on the water! Jackson Lake is where you can rent a canoe, kayak, or even a small motorboat. No reservations are necessary. It’s first come, first serve so get out of bed early and head for the lake!

Climbing & Mountaineering

Are you looking for a special type of adventure? There’s no doubt that these mountains stir up the desire to do some climbing. It’s best to be prepared in this mountainous terrain so check out the climbing and backcountry information that’s updated regularly. Even if you’re an experienced climber, you might want to consider hiring a climbing guide. These experts know the Tetons and can provide an unforgettable experience. 

There is a lot to explore in Grand Teton National Park. Check out all of the information through the National Park Service. There you’ll find a complete list of local companies that can help you plan an amazing trip!