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The Snow Is Here: Get Ready For Winter in Jackson Hole

It’s coming….the leaves begin to fall and the skies turn cold and dark. It becomes our driving force: “WINTER”. We’ve waited patiently and kept ourselves busy all summer, but the first glimpse of winter in Jackson Hole sends us into a frenzy. Winter’s appeal is, in part, the preparation for it. We plan out our winter like some people plan their wedding. We study the latest ski movies and buyer’s guides, and we surround ourselves with other lunatics that spend hours just studying a weather map. We realize that staying in a motor inn is much cooler than freezing in the back of your Subaru in the free skier lot, and if you book early, it can be just as cheap. We share an all-encompassing, nearly crippling excitement knowing….winter is almost here.  Are you ready?

Snow at Corbet's Cabin October 5th

Snow at Corbet’s Cabin | October 5th

The Wise Guides’ Top Ways To Get Ready For Winter in Jackson Hole

Work On Your Fitness

To ski well, your body demands the use of muscles that you don’t normally use every day.  AND, you also have to deal with altitude and low temps.  To prepare properly, start your fitness program at least 2 months before your ski/snowboard holiday. But don’t worry,  even if you haven’t “warmed up”, you’ll still have a blast on the slopes (you might just be a little sore…which is what our new hot tub, arriving this winter, is for).

Get Stretchin’

Developing flexibility through regular stretching before your ski holiday will help your performance and can mean that a fall on day one (that might otherwise ruin your holiday) will be nothing more than a forgettable mishap with no ill effects. So get your yoga on and take advantage of some mindful stretching!

Tune Up Your Skis/Snowboards

If you own your own, make sure they’re tuned: this means at a minimum, waxing bases and sharpening edges.  If you don’t own, check the latest buyers guides in your favorite ski and snowboard magazines.  The first issues always have the buyers guide, and lots of info and input from the pros.


Feet, hands, eyes….those are the most important parts of your body to keep warm and cozy.  As long as your feet, hands and eyes are cozy, the rest will fall into place!  If you don’t already own your equipment, buy boots first, not skis.  Although those leather Kinko gloves look cool in the lift line, you want to make sure your gloves have good insulation and water proofing.  Bring a low light and a sunny goggle lens, and actually switch them out when the light changes.

Start Off The Season With A Refresher Lesson

Dust off the cobwebs and squash any bad habits you might have picked up over the off-season.  Group lessons are also a great way to meet new friends aka ski buddies with the same ability level.

Book Early For The Best Deals

Book us early for your winter adventure and enjoy the best rates. Skip the lift lines, and package in lift tickets with your room to save time.  Jackson Hole is more often than not the snowiest destination in North America, but a 3 day cancel windows provides you the flexibility to adjust your dates so you can maximize the best snow conditions.

What’s your go-to prep for ski season? We want to know!

Jackson Hole Tram | Oct 5th

Jackson Hole Tram | Oct 5th