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Quick Guide: 3 Things to Do in Jackson Hole in Winter

Jackson Hole is well-known for skiing and snowboarding, but here is a quick list of other winter activities that you should definitely add to your vacation plans!

Dog Sled Tour to Granite Hot Springs

Pair the outdoor adventure of a dog sled ride where your destination is a dip in Granite Hot Springs. That makes for an unforgettable day! You’ll glide along in the snow and take in the beauty of the wilderness around you. During the winter months, the hot springs are accessible only by snowmobile, dog sled, skiing, and fat-tire biking so there are fewer people in the Springs and the view is amazing!

Winter Wildlife Tours

The winter brings a lot of wildlife into the area with the thousands of elk that migrate to winter at the National Elk Refuge. Horse-drawn sleigh rides across the Refuge are a magical way to get an up-close view of the elk while you’re cozied up under a heavy blanket. There is no better place to get amazing pictures of the elk against the snowy landscape than from the sleigh. Mill Iron Ranch also has sleigh rides and over 1800 elk call the ranch home for the winter. You can also book a wildlife tour with EcoTour Adventures. Their experienced and knowledgeable guides will get you the perfect picture and help you understand the ecology of the area.

Outdoor Winter Fun

There are so many ways to enjoy the winter outdoors. Head out on a snowmobile or fat tire bike. Or get close to nature and enjoy the quiet winter wonderland while snowshoeing or cross country skiing. Yellowstone National Park still has some visitor centers and warming huts open for the winter. Old Faithful and Mammoth Hotel are open for visitors.