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Snake River along Highway 89

Hollywood To The Hole: A SoCal To Jackson Hole Road Trip

SoCal To Jackson Hole

Starting in sunny Southern California, this road trip can be done in two days, but we recommend planning for three so you can stop and enjoy the sights along the way.

Heading across Southern California, into Nevada, through Utah and finally into Wyoming, this route starts at roughly sea level and heads into the desert before climbing into the mountains. You’ll enjoy beautiful vistas across each state, and will find yourself near several National Parks and stunning protected areas. You may just choose to linger longer and take in the vast beauty across Nevada, Utah and Wyoming, so keep your itinerary loose and enjoy the ride!

Main Cities Along Route (and their distance to Jackson, WY):

Los Angeles, CA (972 Miles)

Las Vegas, NV (721 Miles)

Cedar City, UT (527 Miles)

Salt Lake City, UT (277 Miles)

Garden City, UT (146 Miles)

Alpine, WY (37 Miles)

Route Highlights:

Night #1

If you’re feeling up for some excitement, make Las Vegas, NV your overnighter and check out the countless restaurants, shows, swanky hotels and shops along the vibrant Strip. Don’t want to deal with the craziness of Vegas? St. George or Cedar City, UT are both mid-sized towns with lots of hotel options, dining spots, stores and activities.

  • If choosing the St. George area, make a trip out to visit Zion National Park and marvel at the colorful sandstone cliffs and array of plants and animals that call Zion their home.
  • If choosing Cedar City, make a trip up to visit Cedar Breaks Monument – a geological wonder that sits at over 10,000 feet and looks down into a half-mile deep “amphitheater”.

Night #2

After traversing the majority of the state of Utah, make your second night in the greater Salt Lake City area. You can choose to stay downtown amongst restaurants, shops and other happening spots, or drive a little out of town for a completely different experience.

  • Check out Park City, UT – a beautiful mountain town about an hour east of SLC. Check out Park City & Deer Valley Mountain Resort, plus their charming main street and local events.
  • Drive past SLC and stay in Garden City, UT at Bear Lake – a vast, stunningly blue lake complemented by a small town known for their world-famous Raspberry Milkshakes!

Insider’s Tip:

Rt. 89 Stretch From Logan, UT To Jackson, WY

If you’re taking a road trip from Southern California to Jackson Hole, be sure to take the I-89 which crosses from Northern Utah into Southeastern Idaho and finally delivers you to Jackson, WY. This route mirrors takes you through some of the most beautiful and breathtaking canyons alongside rushing rivers and the infamous Bear Lake. From Logan to Garden City, UT, you’ll enjoy a winding mountain route alongside the Logan River, which brings you down into Bear Lake. From Montpelier, ID to Jackson, WY, you’ll meander along the Salt & Snake Rivers and pass through Afton, Alpine and Hoback, WY – all worth a stop if you need an excuse to stretch your legs and a quick photo op or snack.

Random “Can’t Miss” Spot

The trip from SoCal to Jackson Hole wouldn’t be complete without a stop in Garden City, UT for a night, or at least an unforgettable lunch! Located aside the bright turquoise Bear Lake, Garden City is a small town know for its Raspberry festival. If you’re stopping by for lunch, check out La Beau’s – an iconic staple in town with delicious diner food and unreal shakes.

A road trip from Southern California to Jackson Hole should definitely be on your bucket list this year! And if you’re looking for more ways to enjoy your trip, read our post about the top 8 things to do in Jackson Hole this summer!