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A Day on Jenny Lake: Gear Grab Rentals in Jackson Hole

Whether you’re enjoying the water sports at Jenny Lake, or taking the whole family on a trip to the springs, there’s one thing no traveler should ever be without – your water gear! 

If you’re trying to figure out how to get all the gear you need to the water, don’t worry. Mountain Modern Motel has you taken care of with Gear Grab Rentals!


What are Jackson Hole Gear Grab Rentals?

We’re proud to be the flagship location for Jackson Hole’s very first Gear Grab Rentals. Rent your water sports gear online, then grab your gear from a convenient locker right outside MMM and return the gear when you’re ready. Nothing holds you back from having the best day ever!

Man paddle boarding on mountain lake.

How Does it Work?

    1. SUP package includes: paddle board, paddle, pump, 1 universal-adult life jacket*
    2. Inner tube package includes: tube, pump, 1 universal-adult life jacket*
  1. Check your email for order confirmation, which includes the locker number and passcode to access your gear
  2. Pick up your rental at their lockers on the east side of the motel, using your locker number and passcode included in the order confirmation email
  3. Return gear by 8pm** to the same locker, using the same passcode provided in your email.  Your rental is now complete!

*They also have youth and XL-adult life jackets, check out their sizing guide to make sure you have the right fit before completing your rental.

What gear can I rent?

Jackson Hole Paddle Board Rental Includes:

Jackson Hole Inner Tube Rental Includes:

JacksonHole Dry Bag & Life Jacket Rental Includes:


Where can I go to use my gear?

Shot of Jenny Lake in foreground, Grand Tetons in background.

String Lake – the calmest and warmest of the nearby lakes make it a great beginner spot. It’s also easily accessed from the parking lot, so no lugging the board too far.

Jenny Lake – just down from String & Leigh lakes, Jenny lake is larger and tends to get a bit of wind.

Jackson Lake – the largest and likely coldest lake that usually has quite a bit of boat activity and wind (which usually means rougher water). We’d recommend sticking to the bays and near the shoreline, which is also great for wildlife viewing!

Snake River – The Snake River will give you a relaxing floating experience down the river with spectacular views and maybe even views of wildlife. Be aware of the stretch with the rapids and be sure to know where to launch and get out. 

If you’ll be floating on water in Grand Teton National Park, check out the Permits page for more information.


A note about the weather in Jackson – thunderstorms are common during summer afternoons, so plan accordingly. We’d suggest getting your paddle in during the morning or keeping an eye on the ever-changing weather during the afternoons. Also, at 15 miles long and 7 miles wide, Jackson Lake is a large lake. When it’s windy, white capped waves easily form and grow, some becoming as large as 3-foot breakers – not something you want to be paddle boarding in.

Stay safe, plan accordingly! And if you need recommendations on where to go to get the most out of your day on the lake, call our Adventure Guides at: 307-733-4340. We’d love to help you plan the ultimate adventure day!

For more information on Gear Grab Rentals, check out the FAQs. It’s convenient and makes it easy to plan a fun day on the water!


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