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9 Kid-Friendly Summer Activities in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole provides some great summer activities for families, including high-flying zip lines, the infamous Cowboy Coaster, and family-friendly whitewater rafting. Here’s our list of the top 9 best kid-friendly summer activities in Jackson Hole.

  • Ropes and Zip Lines
  • Summer Cowboy Coaster
  • Alpine Slide
  • Amaze’n Maze
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Tram Ride
  • Cowboy Up at the Rodeo
  • Trail Rides
  • Wildlife Safaris

#1 Ropes and Zip Lines

Are your kids climbers? Then the Treetop Adventure Ropes Course and Zip Lines at Snow King Mountain Resort is the activity for you! Courses include age-appropriate levels with more challenging levels for the older kids.

#2 Summer Cowboy Coaster

If your family loves the thrill of fast rides, take them on the Summer Cowboy Coaster. This rollercoaster has nearly a mile of curves, loops, and drops. You and your family can even enjoy the ride together, tandem-style. Definitely a thrill ride!

#3 Alpine Slide

Looking for a way to get the kids outside in the snow? Try the Alpine Slide. This slide snakes down a Jackson Hole mountainside, topping out at speeds of 25 miles per hour! Even the little ones can go on this ride  2-6-year-olds can ride with an adult).

#4 Amaze’n Maze

Are you and your kids up for a challenge? Use your skills to get through the Amaze’n Maze. There are many twists and turns, and even a tube slide and mini zip line to add to the challenge. Choose teams and see who can get through it first!

#5 Whitewater rafting

Ready to get wet? Whitewater rafting down the Snake River is a great way to cool off in the summer. Kids age 6 and up will have a thrilling ride through Class II and III rapids. This activity is one of the most popular experiences in Jackson Hole!

#6 Tram or Gondola Ride

If you’re looking to get a better view with the family, grab a ride on the Aerial Tram at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort or the Gondola at Teton Village. These rides give you easy access to hiking trails along the ridges. Many of these trails wind through the trees and open meadows, making this one of the best ways to experience the great outdoors in Jackson Hole.

#7 Cowboy up at the Rodeo

Want to give your kids a real western experience? Don’t miss the Jackson Hole Rodeo, which has been going strong for over 130 years. Stop by one of the vendor booths and let your kids choose a cowboy hat that fits their style.

#8 Trail Ride

Reserve your spot for horseback riding, where the wranglers will lead you and your family on a gentle ride with spectacular views of the Tetons, mountain lakes, and wide-open spaces. To continue the western experience, reserve your spot in a horse-drawn covered wagon, followed by a delicious camp-style meal with all the fixin’s.

#9 Wildlife Safaris

If you’re looking to see some of Jackson Hole’s wild neighbors, sign your family up for a wildlife safari! Local guides are expert wildlife locators and will share their knowledge on the ecosystem, habitat, and conservation efforts for all animals that call Jackson Hole home.

Whether you’re visiting with your kids for a weekend, a few days, or a few weeks, Jackson Hole has plenty of things for kids to do. Come and make some great family memories!


Girl in western attire on horseback. Text reads: "9 Kid-Friendly Summer Activities in Jackson Hole."