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5 Reasons to Visit Jackson Hole in the Fall

The seasons are changing and Jackson Hole takes on a cooler feel from its usual busy summer activities. Come to Jackson and experience the spectacular display of fall colors and movement of wildlife that happens before winter. Here are the top five reasons you should visit Jackson Hole in the fall!

You’ll Get Great Photos

As a light fog hangs over Jackson Hole’s Snake River, you’ll see the hues of gold, red and orange that draws hundreds of visitors each year to our town. These fall colors are just one reason now is a great time to visit Jackson Hole. It’s easy to get that award-winning photo, especially with the gold splash from the Aspens on the mountainsides. Take a scenic drive through Grand Teton National Park or Yellowstone to see why this area will become your favorite fall destination.

You’ll Hear Elk Bugle

Along with the array of the color of the trees, fall is also elk rut season. The bull elk are spending their time trying to impress the females and if you haven’t heard their eerie bellow echo off the mountainsides, then plan to come to Jackson Hole the last few weeks of September and experience it with the backdrop of the Tetons. You can get plenty of great photos and videos as well, but be sure to keep your distance from any elk!

You’ll Enjoy the Scene on Bike Trails

The air might have a chill to it, but the summer crowds have thinned out so now is a great time to visit Jackson. Rent a bike in town and then hit a Pathways trail. These are safe, user-friendly trails that can take you around the town or venture out farther to be close to nature and enjoy the fall foliage. Review the maps and plan for the perfect day out.

You’ll See it All While Stargazing

After a day of enjoying nature’s fall show, bundle up and see the amazing night sky above Jackson. Book a private or multi-group program through Wyoming Stargazing. You’ll travel 30-45 minutes to get to a location with a minimal amount of ‘human light’ so you can see thousands of stars in the night sky. They will also set up a big telescope and then provide education on you on what you’re seeing.

You’ll Save With Modern Mountain

Check out the deals from us and stay in the heart of Downtown Jackson Hole this fall season! Our rooms are geared for adventure, so pick the perfect accommodations for your family and get out there.

We think you’ll find Jackson a special place in the fall. The beauty never ends in this amazing landscape.