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The 2017 Solar Eclipse In Jackson Hole – A “Totality” Unforgettable Event

Just one month ago, Jackson Hole was in a frenzy over our world becoming engulfed in complete darkness. The excitement the total solar eclipse was felt throughout the town and the locals and tourists alike all gathered in the path of totality for their chance to experience this momentous event.

Jackson, WY became a hotspot destination to witness the eclipse, what with the Jackson Hole Airport making the town accessible for many, and the plethora of things to do whilst visiting. The town was abuzz with thousands of visitors ready to experience the spectacle, and lodging was booked up months in advance. Everyone was giddy for the main event!

Here at Mountain Modern, we put our own spin on things with some shirts for the event and spectacles in hand.

A great depiction of the event came from Outside Magazine writer Gordy Megroz:

“As the diamond ring of fire appeared around the moon, the sky turned dark blue and stars appeared. A shadow raced across the ground and swallowed the mountain where we stood. The cloudy horizon turned copper. It got much colder but I was no longer cold. I stared directly at the moon, paralyzed with wonder. A bat flew by. It was the shortest two minutes of my life. As the sun returned, so did my senses. 

For plenty of people in the Jackson Hole community who stayed, the eclipse was one of the more phenomenal things they’ve ever experienced. My friend Andy Bardon, a hardened mountain man and adventure photographer, told me he wept. Others told me they screamed. I was simply awed. The experience seemed otherworldly. My friends in other parts of the country, those who’d seen partial eclipses that day, couldn’t understand. Now I did.”

One local, Julie Weinberger, captured the essence of the event with some pretty incredible photos of the eclipse:

We’ll never forget all the live spirited, wanderlust people this event brought to town. With an estimated 1.8-7.4 million people that traveled to the path of totality for this mind-boggling affair, it was sure an event to remember. What’s even crazier? The whole event lasted only two minutes and fifteen seconds.