Wise Guides Ideal Itinerary For A Long Winter Weekend In Jackson Hole

A 4 Day/Long Winter Weekend Itinerary in Jackson Hole

Visiting Jackson Hole for the first time can be overwhelming. It’s the classic saying; so much to do, so little time. We took the stress out of planning by creating the perfect 4 day itinerary for a winter trip to Jackson Hole.

Day 1: Ski at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

  • Pickup a Grab n’ Go Sandwich from MMM Lobby
  • Hop on Free Shuttle to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Base
  • Take a few warm up runs on Casper & Apres Vous Lifts
  • Lunch at Mangy Moose Saloon
  • Explore Thunder and Sublette Lifts. If conditions are soft, definitely check out the Hobacks.
  • Grab an Apres Ski drink (or two) at Continuum.
  • Hop on the Shuttle Back to MMM.

Day 2: Snowmobile Up to Granite Hot Springs

  • Grab a bagel and coffee at Pearl Street Bagels
  • Stop at Lucky’s to grab a sandwich for lunch and snacks for the day.
  • Head to Leisure Sports to rent snowmobiles
  • Drive to Granite Creek Trailhead
  • Hop on snowmobiles and ride up to the Hot Springs
  • Soak in the Hot Springs and enjoy lunch
  • Stop at the Bird for a drink on the way back to town
  • Recharge/ Warm Up by the Fire in the MMM Lobby
  • Eat at Big Hole BBQ

Day 3:  Fat Bike in Cache Creek Recreation Area

  • Have breakfast at The Bunnery (make sure to get the O.S.M bread!)
  • Rent bikes from Hoback Sports– right around the corner from MMM
  • Ride towards Cache Creek Trailhead, located in East Jackson. Directions from Hoback Sports are HERE.
  • Start your ride up either Hagen Trail or Sidewalk Trail to get warmed up.
  • End/ descend on Putt-Putt Trail.
  • Stop at Hayden’s Post for lunch after your ride, on the way back to Hoback Sports
  • Hop into the MMM Hot Tub to warm up after a long day outside.
  • Shower/ get ready for dinner (at your leisure, of course!)
  • Have dinner and craft brews at Thai Me Up

Day 4: Take a sleigh ride in the National Elk Refuge

*Note: This requires an advance reservation through Double H Bar. 

  • Grab some breakfast at E.Leaven
  • Rent a backpack from the MMM Front Desk, and pack extra layers for your trip
  • Head to JH Visitor Center for Check in
  • Enjoy the 45 min- 1 hour ride
  • Head back into Jackson and grab lunch at Local Restaurant
  • After lunch, do some shopping/ site seeing around Jackson’s Town Square
  • Walk back to MMM, and hop in the hot tub to warm up
  • Get ready, shower up, and head next door to Hatch Taqueria for dinner.


So bookmark this itinerary, print it out, do whatever you need to do, but make sure you try and fit at least some of these activities in while you’re here. See you soon!