Natural Selection Tour Kicks Off In Jackson Hole

The Natural Selection Tour kicks off at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort with the world’s top riders. A manifestation of Travis Rice’s wildest dreams, the Tour’s innovative format will reveal riders’ full creative expression and require a deep knowledge of backcountry conditions to reign supreme. All events will run within seven-day windows to ensure that the terrain is in peak season conditions.

The competition will take place at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, February 3 – 9, 2021

Starting off at the YETI Natural Selection at Jackson Hole, there will be sixteen men and eight women dropping into the venue, a complex zone, rich with natural features, which represents one of the most rugged pieces of inbound terrain at Jackson Hole. “The Natural Selection Tour is designed with Mother Nature as the main character, and with mutual respect for and from snowboarding,” said Travis Rice, pro snowboarder.

“This terrain was only recently opened to the public and is truly ideal for this event. Builders have been working hard to accentuate the natural features and enhance the rideability and safety of this terrain,” said Rice. “The goal of our work is to provide endless opportunity for the creative expression of these master riders with limitless variations of contest runs.”

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